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A mosque is a holy place where Muslims worship and pray five times a day. It is a place which is very close to our hearts as Muslims. The architecture and different designs on the wall represent the cultural diversity and the modifications that have been done since their inception. We see different types of mosque Carpets with artistic designs and other traditional art. The same is the case with prayer mats. A prayer mat can be crucial to create a deep connection between a man and the prayer. So, everyone needs to have prayer mats that are comfortable to use while praying whether they are using their homes or mosques.

Exhibitioncarpet.ae is the perfect place to buy top-grade material made of prayer mats that is comfortable for knees and feet when you are praying. The feasible design of the tomb and art across the border is taking your experience to the next level and enhances the bonding and feel between you and the praying mat. If you want to explore our luxury prayer mats, you can take advantage of our premium designs and second you need that.

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Our Turkish Prayer Mats are Enhancing your Experience

Our Turkish Prayer Mats are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious place to pray. Our Turkish Prayer Mats are designed to enhance your experience of prayer and meditation. These mats are made from high-quality materials and feature unique designs to help you connect with your spiritual practice. The mats are thick and have a soft, comfortable texture, making them ideal for long periods of kneeling or sitting.

The intricate designs feature beautiful floral and geometric motifs, adding a touch of elegance to your home. Our Turkish Prayer Mats are also made with a non-slip backing, ensuring that they stay in place during your practice. With our Turkish Prayer Mats, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible experience out of your spiritual practice

Custom Made Praying Mats

Prayer Mats offer great value for both spiritual growth and physical comfort. People use their ideation or purchase one for their homes to ease anxiety during religious endeavours. Additionally, there are various uses for Custom Made Praying Mats in secular settings since they help with posture during praying and other religious activities.

Prayer rugs are widely used in many faiths and cultures and are typically used for daily prayer and other religious ceremonies. So, We provide Luxury Praying Mats in Dubai on a massive scale. We will adjust it to fit your mosque’s size, regardless of its size. Our handmade mosque carpet are just awesome and movable. It implies that you can bring them along with you when you travel.

We Value your spirituality and Physical Comfort

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Our Carpets and Rugs are extremely strong and can be used for many years without damage. Because our praying mats in the UAE don’t absorb dust or moisture from the air, they are simple to clean. We excel at offering Prayer Carpets of the highest calibre anywhere in the world.

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Browse our different Types of Praying Mats

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Exhibitioncarpet.ae comes with different types of praying mats. We offer complete customization of prayer rugs or mats based on your preferences. Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with free shipping service in Dubai.


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  • Namaz Carpet
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Explore The Premium Crafting Of Our Prayer Mats Dubai

On a wide scale, we are offering outstanding Praying Mats for mosques. No matter the size of your mosque, we will provide you with made-to-measure Salah Mats in Dubai.

Our handcrafted Namaz Mats are simply fantastic. No mat in our large selection is of lower quality than any other. Our Praying Travel Mats have been widely used for praying on aircraft and ships. The finest feature of our mats is their long lifespan and high level of durability.

As a result, you don’t regularly request that your masjid’s mats be changed. Because they don’t pick up dust and moisture from the air, our mats are simple to clean. In addition to providing comfort, our Prayer Mats in Dubai also assist you in beautifying the inside of your mosque.

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The uncountable benefits of Our Prayer Rugs

 Prayer rugs are an essential part of many religious traditions. Not only do they serve as a physical reminder of prayer and connection to the divine, but they also bring countless benefits to our lives. Prayer rugs provide comfort and warmth, making them ideal for cold nights or when we need a moment of peace and reflection. They also act as a sacred space that can help us stay focused on our spiritual practice. For many, prayer rugs also serve as a visual symbol of faith and devotion.

The benefits of using a prayer rug don’t end there. They can also help us stay connected with our faith by providing a place to read religious texts, meditate, or simply reflect. Prayer rugs can even be used to mark special occasions and holidays, such as Ramadan or Yom Kippur.

No matter what your faith may be, prayer rugs are a wonderful way to stay connected to your spirituality and reap the countless benefits that come with it.

What is the Best Store for Prayer Rugs Near me?

If you’re looking for prayer rugs near you, the best place to start is the exhibitioncarpet.ae because we deliver the best quality than local religious stores that carry prayer rugs. When shopping for a prayer rug, we make sure to look for one that is high quality and comfortable. It should also be free from any offensive symbols or images. Remember, prayer rugs are meant to be used in prayer, so they should reflect respect and reverence.

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Why Choose Us?

For an incredibly enjoyable addition to your mosques, homes, and other places where you can pray, the exhibitioncarpet.ae gives you the finest and most adaptable Prayer Mats Dubai Online Collection. These must-haves are presented to you with the highest level of quality and striking design. You can avail of all types of  Carpets in different colours, designs, patterns, and sizes.

If you’re looking for the “Prayer Mats near me” then get in contact with us. To learn more about these modern and stylish as well as traditional Prayer Mats, you should contact us. Additionally, our hygienic mats in Dubai are available at very reasonable prices and will last for the longest time possible.

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The Muslims called prayer mat as a sajjadat salat around the globe.

The prayer mat is used to offer prayer by muslims around the world

It is not necessary to carry prayer mats. But a prayer mat is used to have the peace of mind that there is no dirt around.

In most of the mosque, the carpets already fixed three for the muslims to offer prayer. But in those mosques, where there is no such facility, you can buy your own prayer mat as well. 

If you see the prayer mat, there is an arch which should be pointed towards the direction of mecca.

In Arabic we call a Prayer mat “sajadat alsalat”

Prayer mats are used widely by the Muslims to pray five times a day. There are a lot of textures and art that you see in different prayer rugs. These rugs provide you with different user experience depending on the type of fabric such as sisal rug.

If you are praying at home, then you can buy one for yourself. Commonly, you don’t have to go with the prayer mat if you are praying in the mosque because the mosque carpets already installed in them. If no carpets installed in the mosque than you can buy a one for yourself.

You can wash your prayer mat once a week with soap or shampoo.

It’s a prayer rug that are used by the Muslims around the world to perform religious activities. It is sometimes also called a prayer mat in which you can see different texture and doom where you perform sajda.

Yes of course, you can sit on a prayer mat to do your holly worships.