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AMARENA # 293, ANTHRACITE #0965, Arancio #252, ATOLL-BLUE #1234, BEIGI #272, BEIGI-DUNE #1276, BOSCO #294, Caligine #262, Caraibi #265, Castro #206, CEDRO #295, COCOA #9248, Ferro #240, GRIS #0905, GRIS #1195, HIGH-GREEN #0961, JAP-PINK #1252, LT-SAND #0916, Magenta #254, MANDARINE #9347, Marina #279, MUAVE #9019, NERO #370, NILO #290, OFF-WHITE #7108, QUARTZ-BLUE #1224, RED #9522, ROSO #271, TUAREG #245, TURQUIOSE #0924, VERT #1081, WHITE #0950


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Exhibition Carpet
2.6 mm
Custom Size
custom size
Custom Size
custom size
high-quality Material
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affordable price
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Exhibition Carpets Dubai - A Stunning Way To Add Value To Your Event!

Dubai is a place that can always be addressed, whenever it’s about innovation & state-of-the-art architecture. Every great event/exhibition is held in Dubai, but the main question is, ” Can your event/exhibition be successful in such an environment?”

To solve this problem, Exhibition Carpet brings the most versatile & adorable selection of exhibition carpets Dubai. Our carpets are the best option you can utilize to make your events much special. An addition that can change the whole atmosphere of your event and add a special value to your event.

So, what else do you want? Undoubtedly, each of your guests is going to remember your event for a long time as these carpets are going to change the whole game!
luxury exhibition carpets

We Design & Offer, What Suits Your Space!

From something trendy to anything traditional, we meet every desire of our clients. Discover which solutions are best for your area. We can improve both your indoor and outdoor spaces, depending on your preferences. Connect with us to learn more about who we are and what services we provide!


We offer grass carpets that are versatile enough to idealize your exteriors for others. Prepared from quality supplies, it ensures that these carpets are going to be your long-term friends.

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We offer carpets that are nothing less than state-of-the-art ventures. Our carpets are crafted on modern patterns and are rich in colors, which makes them totally special.

Custom Made

Custom is always the best! We provide you the option to customize our quality carpets as per your desires & requirements. It’s the best thing you can do to show your class!



Besides our other offerings, we also deal in quality skirtings that are a multiverse match. Our skirtings are unique in design & rich in tones, which makes them perfect for every space.

Contact Us to get a Free Quotation from Our Representative.

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What’s Special In Our Exhibition Carpets?

At Exhibition Carpet, we make sure that each of our carpets is crafted with great attention to quality & design. Our collection of exhibition carpets including red event carpets, black exhibition carpets, & white exhibition carpets for events are specially crafted to enhance the value of your events and make them even more special & memorable.

Choosing these stylish event carpets for your functions assures that your functions are going to hold a place in each of your visitor’s minds. Want to discuss your event’s requirements in detail, Book a free consultation call with our experts and discover how you can make your events even more special.
white exhibition carpets
Black Exhibition Carpets

We’re The Leading Exhibition Carpet Supplier In Dubai

As the top provider of exhibition carpets in UAE, we at Exhibition Carpet always make sure that you get more than your expectations as this is the thing that currently holds us at the top place. We provide excellent services with the highest possible quality at a reasonable cost. So, Why then wait? Contact Us Now and let’s see which exhibition carpet is perfect for your event.
Premium Quality
Long Lasting

Our Happy

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Inaya Designation

Literally, my office looks amazing now as these amazing exhibition carpets have been ideally installed! They gave my display a unique touch of elegance and unbelievable quality. highly suggestible!

Noah Designation

I'm impressed by the bold colors and luxurious texture of these carpets from them. They truly improved the aesthetics and professionalism of our event area. A necessity for any exhibitor especially in Dubai!

Lily Designation

I'm really grateful to the Exhibition Carpet Dubai staff! Their quick delivery and excellent carpets contributed greatly to the success of our event. Our customers cherished the inviting atmosphere they created. Thumbs up!

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Why Only Us?

At Exhibition Carpet, the only reason why people trust us so much is nothing else than our quality, whether it’s our product or services, you’ll never see less than the perfect. Moreover, working with us ensures a streamlined process that is completed by the provided deadline. Additionally, other offerings like free shipping, free consultation, free measurements, or even free site visits are the other things that appeal to our customers. So, Don’t wait before it’s too late, Book an appointment with our professionals now and get a free estimate for your next event.
Stylish exhibition carpet